Sunday, September 5, 2010

How nice, A new Etsy Treasury including my Work!

This piece is featured in the Treasury.  I love that people are finding my work, I am crazy about what I make and I love to see other peoples work in these Treasuries.  I am going to try to figure out how they are done so I can make an Etsy Treasury too!

This week I am still working on rag rug crochet projects.  I have figured out how to make a rag bag.

This first little bag is 12" x 12" and would make a cute lunch bag or small tote bag.  I just wanted to test out my method of making handles and it went pretty well.  I am now working on bag no. 2.  Making a bigger bag and mixing up the material more in a random pattern.  I am envisioning large totes for carrying projects around in.  My Daughter Morgan has mentioned that a bigger tote would be great to carry her books to and from College.....I'll have to get right on that!

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