Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stumble and Bark Cloth

I am not sure why or how I decided but I made a decision the other day to give Artfire a try.  The listings in my Etsy shop expired and I felt frustrated.  I had been featured in 3 Treasuries this summer so I knew that I was getting views on my items but I had only made one sale to date.  I checked out the Artfire site and set up an account.  That is when I came across Stumble.  I saw the icon on my home page and clicked on it....what a cool find.  I have been Stumbling around ever since.  What a great way to come across webpages that you resonate with...some not so much but easy to just skip to the next one.  I recommend it if you haven't tried it yet.

 So I started listing my items on Artfire and decided that I could also let go of some of my Vintage "treasures" too.  That is where the Bark Cloth comes in.  When I am second hand shopping I just can't pass up some finds....whether or not I need them or will use them.  I have just listed some funky pieces of Bark Cloth that I found over this past year.  I have had my time with them, held them, caressed them, enjoyed them and now I can let them go.

Check out my Artfire page if you love Bark Cloth too!

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