Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Sign from my Travels...and by travel I mean buzzing around near home....

This is my big "D".  I found this wonderful thing at a local hole in the wall Flea Market not far from my house....I always think of that particular place as a crummy Flea Market but I really shouldn't however because I have found a couple of really great treasures there.  I was told by the vendor that this "D" came from a Denny's sign that was on a restaurant in Saskatchewan.  If that is true, it is far from home. When I haggled with him I got the impression that he was glad to be rid of it and he let me have it for $20.00  It is a beautiful thing in deep orange Plexi glass with a metal frame that is nice and chippy ( the paint is half chipped off).  Apparently Denny's moved on to a new logo design with a simpler "D".  Too bad because I love the little curly cue! It has no relevance to our family name but if anyone asks what it stands for, I can come up with any number of answers....D for Duh!....D for Dinner....D for Don't ask me what it stands for!   I am carefully guarding my "D" these days because my middle daughter, Morgan, is dating a guy whose surname begins with a "D" and he has had his eyes on my sign!!  He will have to be VERY good to my girl for me to even consider letting him have it!


  1. You find the coolest stuff!! (by the name starts with D) : )

  2. I think he will have to be debonair, devoted and dedicated!