Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nice old sign and a weekend well spent.

This old sign was an Ebay purchase that I made a few years ago when I was really diggin' Ebay and spending a lot of time on it.  It is a wooden sign, nice and old and chippy.  I am pretty sure that it once lived on a post in a train yard.  My guess is that it was used to measure the length of a train in the yard.....the sign would indicate where there was 110 cars?  Does that make sense?  Anyway it is nice and rusty and looks like it saw lots of weather so I like it!  

I finally got around to painting my powder room on the main floor this past weekend!  We moved in to the house we are in now three years ago.  It was a new build and is an awesome house but it is taking me a lot longer to paint it than I had anticipated.  10 years ago I would have painted it non stop until it was done but the old body AND my old mind just can't seem to move to the pace that it used to. 

I found what I like to call a "Boo Boo" can of paint at the local do it center for 9 bucks so it seemed to be the time to "get 'er done" as they say. 
It's a warm Pumpkin Pie kinda color and I like it.  My daughters think it looks like "POO" and will get you in the mood to use the room for it's intended purpose.  Whatever I can do to help......LOL!