Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hot Pads 4 Ways and Hoarding Tendencies.

I've been playing around with smaller projects lately.  Hot pads are nice and quick to make compared to working on a rug night after night in front of the TV.  Sometimes it is hard to know when a rug is done....sometimes it is done when I have had enough of it and just want to move on already!!!
 I have also been having a little struggle with my craft supply hoard.  I am not sure if it is a bout of Spring Cleaning or just a desire to lighten up my life from clutter and excess baggage.  It is a real dilemma when you love to do crafty things and you need to have lots of different materials on hand and at the ready.  Linked below is a very interesting little article that I recently read that makes a correlation between having less stuff and being more secure with who you are.  I can defiantly relate to the notion that people with a lot of stuff are prone to hoarding disorders......hmmmm...food for thought.


  1. Talking about stuff.. a customer was in today and says she has POUNDS of buttons you can have if you want!

  2. Of course I would love to have them....I don't give a damn about hoarding tendencies!!! LOL!

  3. Hi Kim your hot pads are cute.
    One day I'll remember to stop by and visit you on my way home from work.