Friday, August 13, 2010

Etsy Treasury etc.

Just got an e-mail that a piece I made has been added to an Etsy Treasury. Here is the link,

Been Busy re-painting my Dining room, it was a deep Red, always wanted to try a red room but it was not working for me, I gave it two years but in the end decided it had to go!

I have some pretty trim for the shades on the chandelier if I can ever find my glue gun!  I wanted to paint half the house this summer but this room is all that I managed to get done so far...summer's not over yet is it?  I better "get my skates on" if I want to get anything else done before the fall!  This is a big improvement I can assure you.  I had been using my dining room as a studio and had it jam packed with felted sweaters, my sewing machine, bookshelves, all my odds and ends and believe me I was too embarrassed to take a picture of it in that state.  Everything has been moved to a spare bedroom and I am hoping one day to have a studio build for me in the basement with lots of space and good lighting.  It is a dream of mine!

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