Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rag Rugs....just can't stop making them!

I went to drop some Rag Rugs off today at my friend Martina's Shop.  She has a cute little wool shop nearby in Whitby, Ontario and she has been selling some of my work on consignment over the last couple of years.

   I have been obsessed with making these things
this summer, so easy to sit and crochet while listening
to internet radio programs!  Hunting for the fabric has
been great fun, found some awesome deals at my
favorite thrift shops...more fun ripping the fabric up piece by piece while my dogs look on thinking I am a crazy lady! 
I have heard that these old fashioned rag rugs are coming back into vogue, must have something to do with becoming thrifty during hard economic times.  For me, any time is a great time to appreciate old time crafts and re purposing old materials.           Waste not, Want not!

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